Entry Date: February 4th, 2015

Wyeth Walks

Edge of the Field – Wyeth Walk #16

This puddle reminds me of Andrew Wyeth’s Edge of the Field.  In his autobiography, Wyeth says of this bleak painting that before he died his father had told him he was worried for his future because of lack of color in his paintings.  But the art critic Aline Saarinen told NC that Andrew’s somber feeling was his strength.  Andrew says “it is rather astounding that I’ve been able to sell this kind of picture.  But this kind of thing is life in the country." 

In fact I am struck today by the monochromatic color scheme of all around me-  most of the snow and ice gone, leaving tans and browns in all directions.  I don’t normally think of these colors as comforting, but today I do, as they are intertwined for me with the warmth of the air -luxurious to take off my hat and gloves.

Feb 4, Chester County PA, temp 43F