Entry Date: March 24th, 2014

Wyeth Walks

“Do you remember when you first fell in love?  It’s an amazing magic, isn’t it?  Through the years you’re apt to lose it.  But you don’t miss it until you get it again sometime.  That’s the awful part.  You don’t know when you lose magic.”  – Andrew Wyeth

Well, I don’t know for sure about not knowing when you lose magic –  I can say for sure that the baby and little kid years make it really hard to find time to just BE with each other.  I have found myself in way too many intense days just struggling to keep up after a toddler (or two) and wondering if my house was always going to be in shambles and if I’d ever play piano again, and WHO IS that guy who comes home from work in the middle of the most intense “witching hour” marathon of dinner, bath, stories, bedtime wrangling?

It’s all getting easier, that’s for sure.  Our daughter (younger child) just turned 2, and our kids will play together quietly for over an hour at at time- I no longer wonder when on earth I will get a shower, how I will make the dinner, when I will work on piano projects (they are in pre-school three days a week, which gives me time for piano and my business).

But, I still think in general my husband and I haven’t been spending enough alone time together.  We need to get out a bit more.  And when we do get out we need to make sure there is some talking time in there, not just watching a movie or a concert together or going to a party where we are socializing with everyone else and not each other.  Time where we aren’t talking about the kids.  We need to find that magic in each other!

It’s our 7th wedding anniversary and boy did we have an AMAZING weekend.  My mother-in-law came to spend the weekend with the kiddos, and we almost 2 full days together, by ourselves – first time away overnight without the kiddos.  We visited one of our old favorite restaurants, went hiking, browsed cute little shops, stayed at a lovely bed and breakfast, went to a concert, and most importantly, spent wonderful lovely quiet time with each other, ALONE.  We even read novels side by side, how luxurious is that? 

I can happily say that this weekend was wonderfully magic.  Happy anniversary, sweetie!