Entry Date: September 8th, 2015

Wyeth Walks

Curtains – Wyeth Walk #171

This evening I finished reading The Wyeths: The Letters of NC Wyeth 1901-1945.  Wow.  Took me the better part of this year.  Actually, I remember I was reading it August a year ago when I was in Vermont for recording Wyeth music.  I took a break for a few months in there, but still, it was months and months of reading.  The book is hefty (two inches thick!).  And rich with emotion and beautiful ponderings and so much to absorb.  Almost every page is marked by me with sticky tags and underlined quotes.  I have learned and am inspired so much from this man who wrote over the course of 35 years long before I was born.

It is wonderful timing that I should finish reading the book and have such a better appreciation for the man who is the root of the Wyeth family legacy… in two weeks I will be traveling to Wyoming for an artist retreat – I will be spending two weeks alone, just me and a 9-foot Steinway piano, to finish composing for my album.  I’ve been working on new music this weekend and am very excited as the project (at least musically) is all coming together.

Today’s photo is of yet another spider web (as was yesterday’s).  I am developing a real affinity for trying to capture their delicate beauty in some small way.  Perhaps a spiderweb exhibit is my future…

September 7, 2015, Chester County PA, temp 65F