Entry Date: April 15th, 2015

Wyeth Walks

Children in the Spring – Wyeth Walk #65

“… let me say how much I am enjoying those children this
spring.  I can feel that my life will go over to them completely
sometime and then I won’t waste time trying to become a bigger and bigger artist…”
-NC Wyeth, April 1914, children Henriette age 6, Carolyn age 4 and Nathaniel age 2 (Ann and Andrew not yet born)

I really enjoyed our children (ages five and three) today.  What joyous ages, and what an incredible joy to see their unbridled joy in this spring weather (I just said “joy” three times!).  Days like this I can relate to NC Wyeth’s quote, I sometimes wonder if I would stop “wasting my time trying to become a bigger artist”.  I’m not sure I would though- I then remember how much peace and sustenance, rejuvenation and joy I get from being in front of my piano keyboard, and how excited I am about my concert on Friday and the recordings I’ve made and am working on… and then I become ever so grateful that 100 years after NC Wyeth wrote that, the world is a different place- that a woman can pursue art professionally AND be a mother, and while hard to balance, it works. 

April 14, Greenville DE, temp 63F