Entry Date: June 24th, 2014

Wyeth Walks

Changing up routine

Well lately I’ve been bemoaning the fact that I haven’t been exercising of late… 15-20 minutes once a week lap swimming during my son’s swim class is the only time I’ve been exercising. Better than nothing, but certainly not enough.

I had been doing push-ups consistently every other day using the “100 pushups” app for 5 weeks leading up to the ZMR Awards show in New Orleans (something about a deadline with a bare-armed evening gown inspired me!), and right before we left I actually did 175 pushups in 8 sets (WOW!), but even that has subsided since we got back from that trip.  I was just interviewed for a yoga podcast where I talk about doing 2 minutes of yoga stretching every morning as I roll out of bed onto my mat.  Yes, I still do that… but I have totally been craving more, especially since I heard myself on that interview talking about what a big role yoga has played in my life.

At times I’ve been pretty down on myself about the lack of exercise.  You’d think I’d be more forgiving, trying to keep up with two little kids and having creative projects coming out of my ears. But, there’s something about having to spend a lot of money on new summer clothes because nothing in my closet fit that can be a downer… AND, I think I’ve been extra tired of late, having to take lots of naps, and having a hard time enjoying kiddo play time because I haven’t had the energy.

Great news is that I have some pretty inspiring cousins.  I went to my family reunion this past weekend, and I was inspired by my cousin Mary K who has been doing Crossfit 6 times a week for an hour at a time, after getting tired of being “fluffy”, as she describes it (she looks amazing, btw).  She got the Crossfit bug from her sister Cindy who has completely transformed her life with exercise and strength training, and they both were inspired by their older sister (my cousin) Lee Anne who lost 150 pounds (!!!), went on to run a marathon, and writes a inspiration column in her local newspaper.  

I have been trying to figure out where in the world in my schedule to fit in exercise, especially in a time that will stick, that I can keep consistent… my work projects are so exciting and I have SO much to fit into kids-at-school days that it’s hard to give up some of that time.   Still at the reunion, inspired by Mary K’s Crossfit regime, I asked advice of another cousin Bridgit, a personal trainer who has been doing tons of ballroom dancing (I used to be a huge ballroom fanatic, and BOY do I miss it!).  

Bridgit said I should go to the gym straight from dropping the kids off.  At first I started to formulate excuses on how I have to drive past my house to get to the gym  and really need the time in the morning for writing and piano, etc etc… and then I stopped myself and said, “Well, I guess I need to want the exercise as much as I want the music.”

That stuck in my head on the whole drive home (7+ hours with the kiddos).  Do I want the exercise as much as I want the music career?  Well, I certainly want more energy, and that was enough for me to figure out how to do this.  

So on Monday I got into my workout clothes and packed a shower bag, and actually got myself to the gym straight from dropping the kids off at pre-school. I almost abandoned the plan and even walked back to my car when I realized I didn’t have a lock for my locker… but managed to kick myself in the pants and turn around from the car and march back inside and did 30 minutes of rowing.

I think this will work… for the past few school drop-offs I streamlined the kids morning routine and actually got them out of the door earlier.  I have NO idea how I did that with a two year old who often balks at sitting in her car seat… but she seemed to go well with a new flow of moving along with no dawdling.

Great news is the little bit earlier drop-off is my found exercise time.  Today I am about to sit down at the piano for my normal 10 am piano practice session… BUT, I have my normal shower, breakfast, and morning writing under my belt, AND a workout! Wow!  And it was relatively easy!

I think I will buy seconds of some key getting ready/gym items so I don’t have to move these things back and forth between gym and swim bags.  I’d love to have the bag packed the night before for even more streamlining… that will be next goal, right?

Now it’s 10 am and time for some Sibelius piano music…

UPDATE: it’s now been a week since I wrote this originally, and I’ve been to the gym 6 times and walked a bunch over the weekend.  Feeling great!  Out of my routine this morning because I didn’t have enough gas in the car and turned around to do a “few things” in the office before going to the gym… getting late though, and I guess if I"m going to kick myself to the gym I’d better do it now!  I’m in a crucial habit building stage…