Entry Date: March 6th, 2015

Wyeth Walks

Brook in Winter – Wyeth Walk #39

Six or seven inches of snow so far, maybe a bit more… still sifting quietly from the sky as I emerge from the warm house.  I almost copped out on the walk, wanting instead to hole up and watch the myriad of birds coming to the feeders.  But, emerge I did.  The snow was very powdery and much easier to walk through than I had imagined.  Gaining confidence as I walked further away, the quiet so welcome, the beauty so enthralling.  Had to keep walking.  Got to my regular trail and just kept on.  Got to the edge of the woods and for a brief moment imagined myself walking past, but then I decided to wade through… got to the edge of the clearing and almost turned around… but kept on… and then I was greeted by this beautiful view of the creek- a much different visage than the ice and/or green I’m used to.  So so glad I came out.

Ann Wyeth McCoy has a piano piece called “Brook in Winter”.  I am especially intrigued to try it out after today… so so beautiful.

March 5, Chester County PA, temp 21F