Entry Date: August 20th, 2015

Wyeth Walks

Brain Fog – Wyeth Walk #157

“Ironically enough, this day has blazed forth into brilliant sun… [after] a thick murk of fog…” -NC Wyeth, Port Clyde Maine, 1939

I marvel how every time I don’t feel like blogging I open up the Letters of NC Wyeth book, and the first paragraph I read pertains to my photo of the day. Today was no exception- this paragraph about the weather in Maine was indeed the first one I flipped to tonight, and describes my day here perfectly… This photo of a caterpillar web against the overcast sky reflected my thick pea soup brain fog of this morning- couldn’t think, was slow to get motivated, wanted nothing but to sit around and do not much of anything… But as the day progressed, I got significant piano practice in on Schubert, made significant progress on gathering my photo portfolio in one place on my computer (no small task!), and made significant progress on clarifying the big questions on a writing collaboration. I’d say the sun came out in my brain just like it did outside as well! Grateful.

August 19, Chester County PA, probably in the 70s F for this pic in the morning