Entry Date: March 7th, 2015

Wyeth Walks

Angels – Wyeth Walk #40

Crystal blue sky, crisp sunshine, and fields of pristine white snow.  Music- Silvia Nakkach and David Darling’s Of Love and Longing – so angelic, and the music intensified every sensation of beauty- sky seemed bluer, snow seemed whiter, every pixel of light had import beyond vision.  A hill of white stretched before me – I couldn’t resist, flopped myself down and made a snow angel.

All this talk of angels made me think of Andrew Wyeth’s painting of all the people he had painted in his life dancing around a maypole together.  And Jamie Wyeth’s paintings of his dad and grandfather and Andy Warhol standing at the ocean’s edge.  And Ann Wyeth McCoy’s song “A Prayer”, written one month after her father and nephew were struck by a train.

Got to hear and see Jamie Wyeth live tonight at an interview at the Brandywine River Museum of Art.  So inspiring.  I was particularly struck by his talking about Berg– how he was fascinated by the horror and danger of the ocean, and ended up adding a board to the bottom of the already painted picture, so he could expand the exploration of the underdepth of the sea.  Had a chance to go upstairs to the gallery after the talk, and saw that the ocean in the foreground was full of globs of paint- adding depth and weight for this horror space.

March 6, Chester County PA