Entry Date: July 15th, 2016

Wyeth Walks

“Andy… Is revealing a spirit of penetrating sadness. This means to me, if controlled, enormous potentiality.” -N.C. Wyeth

Wyeth Walk no. 314
July 14, 2016, Chester County PA, temp 75F

Extremely humid today, walking through the thick wet air brought an appreciation for comparisons of moving through humidity to walking through pea soup. Sluggish movements led to a sluggish mind. Despite that, though, words were coming to me- I have realized in recent months I have somehow stopped writing blog posts beyond quotes with the photos, and thought it would be nice to start again- I reread some from last year and was happy to read more about particular walks and photos.

This N.C. Wyeth quote caught my attention tonight because a friend asked me just the other day if sadness was a requirement for great art. I don’t know if it is for all, but I certainly find most of my best music comes from a bit of sadness. I have worked hard at recognizing it when sadness starts to creep in and can throw yoga and nature walks at it to turn it around so it doesn’t take over, but I am also grateful for feeling deeply and the music that comes forth at the piano during those times.

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