Entry Date: August 5th, 2015

Wyeth Walks

Alight – Wyeth Walk #145

In this photo I tried to capture crisp details and muted colors, inspired greatly by Andrew Wyeth, yes, but perhaps more so by John McCoy- Ann Wyeth McCoy’s husband, who studied alongside Ann’s brother Andrew under NC Wyeth, and later taught at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts.  I had enjoyed his few works I had seen at the Brandywine, but in Maine I was introduced to a book of his works, and I have fallen in love with his abstract works in particular, as well as his beautiful landscapes many with muted colors.  In the forward of the book, Andrew Wyeth says that John McCoy was painting in the muted color scheme first, and that he was inspired by his future brother-in-law’s palette.

August 4, Chester County PA, temp 70F