Entry Date: February 6th, 2018

Wyeth Walks

After 450 #wyethwalk posts and the release of the #wyethalbum, I’m feeling like it’s time for my photo walks to have a new life and new intentions. I’d like to start a new series, except I don’t know what to call it! Any suggestions? I’ll start with this morning’s walk- February 5, 2018, Chester County PA, temp 31F. Lots of ice! In the past I’ve only ever posted one photo of the day, but today I wanted to share more from the experience. I had dropped the kids off at school after letting them sleep in a bit and miss the bus (Yay Eagles!). On my way home from school I stopped by my favorite walk. Luckily I had hiking boots on. Unluckily, I hadn’t planned this stop and didn’t have proper hat or gloves. Was coooolllldddd, so I walked faster than usual. Still managed to find some peaceful moments though, indeed.
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