Entry Date: September 23rd, 2015

Wyeth Walks

About to Burst – Wyeth Walk #183

“It seems as though I would burst in the effort and passionate desire to assimilate all of the beauties of sights and feelings that have come into my life. …Were it not for my slight ability to vent my feelings through the medium of paint … I would burst.” – NC Wyeth, 1919

I have come near to tears several times today, overcome with the beauty surrounding me. I am so very very grateful to have been given this opportunity to be surrounded by gorgeous, awe-inspiring scenery, the time to hike through it on my (cold!) morning walk, and then… to have a dream piano to vent my feelings about it to my heart’s content.

Septemer 22, 2015, mountains of Wyoming, temp 40F (before sun was fully out)