Entry Date: March 16th, 2015

Wyeth Walks

Colors Alive – Wyeth Walk #46

“… I shall study nature as closely as possible… to learn to love and appreciate its moods, to study its trees and skies…” – NC Wyeth

Was very difficult to get out today, despite glorious weather.  I had the blahs all day- had gotten myself into a few day cycle of eating too many sweets- which brought down my mood and made me want even more sweets, and I had lost all my energy and drive.  Well, I FELT like I had the blahs, which I did, but I actually did get a lot of work done on practicing ‘My Funny Valentine’ for my April concert, some of the most productive piano practice I’ve had in a few weeks.  So- perhaps it was that blah mood that made me seek the piano for solace and escape daily “productivity”.  Perhaps I should be more accepting of mood changes and embrace the shifts and what I can do in different states. 

Finally made myself a veggie-laden smoothie, ate a dinner with plenty of protein, and got myself outside walking.  That combo I think finally lifted the blahs.  Had Herbie Hancock and Keith Jarrett playing on my headphones, and the amazing music made all the colors, sights and smells intensify around me.  I found myself dancing in the clearing by the creek and LIVING the colors promising spring.

March 16, Chester County PA, temp 55F