Entry Date: October 20th, 2015

Wyeth Walks

Outside of Time – Wyeth Walk #200

Today I visited the Wyeth family gravesite in honor of October 19, the anniversary of the death of NC Wyeth in 1945.  October 19 was also the date that NC Wyeth arrived in Wilmington, Delaware as a teen to study illustration with Howard Pyle.  I believe it was also the date of Andrew Wyeth’s first solo gallery showing.  It was incredibly moving to me in today’s crisp and beautiful autumn weather.  The piece I finished composing in Wyoming has a working title “Outside of Time”- and started as being about Andrew Wyeth’s ability to sense all the people who have been in a place throughout time and capture their essences in painting.  Well, today, it became for me the gravitas that I felt in this moment, in this visit.  Afterwards, I went back to the studio and finished recording all of the piano parts for this music.  I had thought I would write more about this visit today in words, here on this blog, but I am listening to today’s recording as I write, and I am overwhelmed with the music, I am feeling it will speak for itself, and I hope that will be so. 

I am amazed (or perhaps not) that this deep experience just happened to land on my anniversary of my blog, Wyeth Walk #200- I did not plan it that way.  I realized as I was driving to the cemetery that that would be the case.

October 19, Chadds Ford Township, PA, temp 53F