Entry Date: November 10th, 2015

Wyeth Walks

 (Re) Birthday – Wyeth Walk #210

I was very excited to make it back to my winter creek today – I hadn’t been able to make it through the overgrowth since May, and in April and May it had become increasingly difficult.  Enough of the overgrowth has died back that I was able to bushwhack my way through on a deer trail.  I ended up with burrs all over my clothes and rustled up a family of deer, but it was fun to trailblaze and infinitely satisfying to soak in the sounds of the trickling creek once I got there. 

This is the longest I’ve gone since January without my walks.  Life is ever flowing, and it’s interesting to me to observe how what I thought were habits set in stone must change and adapt in order to stay.  I loved seeing this little flame of a baby leaf to remind me that how far off track I get or how many months it takes to bushwhack back to the creek, each day is an opportunity for rebirth.

November 9, Chester County PA, temp 55F